1st Generation Mercedes-Benz A Class Power Steering Problems

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class First (W168) Generation, 1997-2004, was introduced to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Drivers were excited about a variety of characteristics, such as the innovative frontal-impact absorption safety feature. However, like any new auto, the 5-door hatchback eventually demonstrated a small handful of common malfunctions, such as power steering problems.

Some drivers have complained of the SRS light appearing and their A-Class’ power steering failing. Some owners have reported this issue after the car has been sitting for some time. The problem may be persistent or only noticeable when making a sharp turn.

Some owners attempt to troubleshoot these issues on their own by checking the fuse under the driver’s feet. Other drivers have found that charging or replacing their battery might remedy the problem. This being said, your Mercedes might have an alternator problem. Some owners feel comfortable checking related wires and fluid levels on their own. However, power steering issues can pose safety risks. Malfunctions related to this system are distracting at best and can be very dangerous, potentially leading to a crash. On a related note, if certain steering parts are compromised, such as tie rods, a driver can completely lose control of their vehicle.

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