1st Generation Mercedes-Benz A Class Auto Transmission Problems

The Mercedes-Benz’s A-Class First (W168) Generation, designed by the award-winning Steve Mattin, was attention grabbing. This sharp looking German auto sported a unique body style, as it stood taller yet was shorter in length. Despite its immediate popularity, this German hatchback, like any new vehicle, came to demonstrate a few issues including auto transmission problems.

These problems are, perhaps, the most commonly known A-Class issues. It is not uncommon for a gear drum to crack once this compact car reaches mid to high mileage. In the event of such failures, a driver may notice a slight slipping while in first gear. At times, the hub cracks near the circlip, but at other times the break occurs near the bend.

Some owners have attempted to prophylactically replace the drum with a slightly modified version; however, this preventative measure is somewhat controversial. If the gear drum does not break in the event of a weakening or problem, the drive beneath it might. Furthermore, this replacement won’t prevent a hairline crack next to the bend. Similarly, some driver attempt to search for the crack on their own, but special tools such as a magnifier might be necessary. Due to these challenges, an expert opinion might be worth the investment. Moreover, if these integral parts break and are then ignored, resultant damage can lead to increased repair costs.

An independent German auto service shop will be familiar with your make and model. These experts with have the specialized tools and training to quickly troubleshoot gear slipping and other transmission issues, having you safely back on the road in no time.

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