Arthur's Mercedes

2536 Dickerson Parkway,
Carrollton, TX 75006 US
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Mercedes repair specialists in Carrollton, TX.

2 Reviews

  • Mark McClammy
    Mark McClammy2 years ago

    I used to live in Dallas many years ago, and Arthur's always took great care of my classic. Now I'm back in town, and I would not let anyone else continue to work on my baby. Was glad that they are still around. They still had all my records and continued to provide the best service. You cannot get this kind of experience any where else in the DFW area.

    1965 Mercedes-Benz 230 SL
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  • Brad Dowling
    Brad Dowling5 years ago

    Aurthurs destroyed our car.

    We had someone else do the timing chain before my wife dropped it there for a vacuum leak. They removed the valve cover and intentionally derailed the chain in their shop at a high rpm. I towed it out and had someone else replace the chain but it still barely ran due to bent valves. So I gave it away.

    They said “I told you it needed a chain”.

    The blantant disregard for us as humans much less customers.

    We lost thousands from that mistake of going there.

    We donated the car to a charity and wrote it off, was our only recourse.

    I could hear the Dutch speaking son in the background cussing us out as I called to complain. Aurthur knew what was going on and covered for his son, not at all time based by the fact the replacement had already been done.

    Know who you are dealing with folks.

    1988 Mercedes-Benz SEL 420
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