Pacific Motorsports

936 SE Powell Blvd,
Portland, OR 97202 US
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Portland's Premier Independent BMW and MINI Shop, Since 1996. We are not a "German," "European," "Import" or "Domestic and Foreign Specialist."

We focus exclusively on these automobiles so we know them well.

We are Portland's premiere Mercedes-Benz service center! Now in our 20th year, we know the BMW alphabet, from Alpina to Z8. From 1960's and 70's era BMW 2002s and CSs, to 21st century BMW 500 horsepower M5s, we're familiar with their needs, history and technology. Whether you have a 4, 6, 8, or 12 cylinder powered Bimmer, we can help you ensure it remains the Ultimate Driving Machine for many years and miles to come.

The importance of having an independent shop on your side

Webster's Dictionary defines independent as, "not subject to control by others, not requiring or relying on something else, not looking to others for one's opinions or for guidance in conduct." What that means to our clients is that we offer our unvarnished opinions based on years of experience and expertise. We do not parrot nor follow the corporate line because we're not a corporation nor are we worried about losing our dealership franchise. We are independent FROM that, and offer advice and service based on reality, not corporate business plans, marketing strategy or the need to compete against the brand(s) from Stuttgart. We love BMWs and MINIs, and think that they are the best, but they're not perfect, and we'll tell you so if it's appropriate.

We don't sell cars, so we won't try to sell you one. Instead, we're here to help you keep the one you already own on the road for as long as you wish.

Because we're not a dealer, don't sell cars, and aren't otherwise beholden to any "higher corporate authority," we work for you. We don't have some corporation bestowing legitimacy upon us because of some sign out in front of our building, We have to earn it every day, and this makes our situation much more congruent with your needs.

Come see us, and you'll see why independence is important to you and your car.