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6385 Irish Potato Road,
Kannapolis, NC 28083 US
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Expert German auto repair service for over 35 years in Kannapolis NC. Mercedes-Benz repair specialists in the Charlotte area, including Mooresville, Lake Norman and Cornelius, NC.

We use the same diagnostic technology, tools and equipment as the local dealer, and charge reasonable rates. Our Mercedes-Benz technicians take pride in keeping cost low and satisfying you, the customer.

Quick turnaround, fair pricing, guaranteed work and most extended warranties accepted.

1 Review

  • Paul
    Paul6 years ago

    These guys are either stupid or do not understand the ABCs of business! I called twice to ask about their price and got extremely surprising and unprofessional answers! First, I called about the price of replacing a fuel filter on a Mercedes. Their answer was a question to me: What price did you get? This is a totally stupid answer! I am asking for their price, they want to know what price I got!!!! When I told hims this is not an answer to my question, he told the: then I do not want to work on your car!!!

    The second time I called, I asked about their price for service-A on a Mercedes, their answer was: we do not know, it depends, but minimum $150!! Service-A is a well known service and it cost $170 (with a coupon) at Northlake Mercedes dealership! Their behavior is a typical of rip-off mechanics who capitalize on the ignorance of their good customers. Avoid them at any cost unless they give you a solid written offer with no ifs and buts...

    2011 Mercedes-Benz E series
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