4019 Matthews Indian Trail Rd.
Matthews, NC 28104 US
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Your Charlotte area professional Mercedes repair shop for service or performance needs in Matthews, NC.

Our Mercedes technicians use the most updated technology to service your Mercedes-Benz vehicle and we use genuine Mercedes replacement parts. Our Mercedes repair services include:

  • Mercedes A Service & Mercedes B Service
  • Tire rotation (except staggered setup)
  • Cooling system inspection
  • Brake System Inspection
  • Inspect heating and ventilation systems
  • Lubrication of hinges, locks and cylinders
  • Battery test
  • Top off all fluids
  • Reset Flexible Service system counter

Schedule your next Matthews, NC Mercedes maintenance service with us today. We service the areas of Indian Trail, Monroe and the Charlotte metro area.


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  • Wouldn’t service my car anywhere else after the incredible service I had at Eurotech. Very knowledgeable, fair pricing, trustworthy. Highly recommended.

    Yevnika N., via Google
  • Great service, price. Very knowledgeable, reliable. If you have a Benz, this is the place to go for all you service needs.

    Buddy G., via Google
  • Hands down better than any dealership in the southeast! Wealth of knowledge as well as a certified AMG technician! Why risk your hard earned dollars anywhere else? You can trust them with high quality OEM parts as well.

    Jung-Hoon Y., via Google

4 Reviews

  • Bo Hightower
    Bo Hightower3 years ago

    I would like to thank the staff at Eurotech for providing the best customer service and technical support for both my Mercedes. Nick and Mr. George go way above the normal degree of assistance then any other dealership in the area. If your in need of a top quality Mercedes provider/service dealership, I suggest you check into Eurotech before you make your final decision.

    2011 Mercedes-Benz S550 AMG
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  • Karen Cope
    Karen Cope4 years ago

    Eurotech is the only place I will take my cars to. Nick, George and the team are professional, caring, and know Mercedes! I've been a customer for 10 years, and have been very pleased with the work that has been done on my 2 cars. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants first class service with a team that gets to know you, and you're just not another face to them. Definitely 5 stars!

    2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK
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  • Vonda Franklin
    Vonda Franklin4 years ago

    I have been dealing with Eurotech/Nick for some time now spending thousands with Eurotech. I must say I have always been completely satisfied with my services, until Thursday, March 22, 2018. I was told by Nick to bring my car in on Thursday, to have a upper ball joint put in, which I told Nick was needed over the phone. Once I was there I told Nick the part was in the trunk and had to just be unscrewed from the upper control arm. From the beginning Nick was acting different, he said to me with a attitude well that would have been nice to know from the beginning, I said its only 3 screws really. He took my car back and came out about 30 min. Later and said its the lower ball joint, I told him that possible someone else where I was thinking bout trading my car said its the ball joint sticking out... Nick asked me with a attitude Well why didn't I leave the car there. I tried to overlook the attitude for the 2nd time, I then started to ask him to check out why my check engine light was reading code p0004 per OReillys. (I may have the wrong code listed now but the worker at O Reilly's said normally replacing gas cap fixes the problem )I old Nick just that and he just rambled on about that could could mean anything. I told him he was talking to me rude and either u wanna fix my car or not. And that he was going to respect me. At the end I said just bring my car I'll go somewhere else before I allow it. He brought my car around the front within seconds.. I got my keys and left pissed and noticed when I hit the hay I heard a knocking sound on the back right side. I called Nick to ask what he did because my car wasn't driving like that when I took it to him. nick toold me to call him the next day and he would let me know when I could bring it. I spoke with Nick the next day and he asked for my number and has not called me back yet to fix whatever he did to cause the knocking to me it sounded like he knew exactly what he did. It's not right at all for Nick to get away with what he did. My car drove good when it was taken into Eurotech only squeaked in the left front when turning every now n then. The check engine light was on as well that is it and I have a witness with me during all of this. Nick you should apologize and make this right.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz ClS500
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  • Dorinda
    Dorinda8 years ago

    I love these guys! I have brought my Mercedes to Eurotech several times and it runs great. Nick and George are very friendly, I love them all! I definitely would recommend them to anyone. They will forever be my personal mechanic. Keep up the good work guys.

    2003 Mercedes-Benz E500
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