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Certified Mercedes, Sprinter, BMW, & Audi Technicians all under one roof. All other makes and models welcome.

NomadUSA is our Luxury Car Division and SprinterVanShop is our Commercial Sprinter Division. We have the largest organized group of factory trained technicians. Started by dealer technician Nelson Garcia, his determination to provide the best possible balance of quality and service excellence is has been realized. Come find out why!

Factory Trained Technicians know how to properly service and repair your luxury vehicle best. There is NO NEED to look any further. Open Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm there is No need for appointments. All service is first come first serve. Skip the line and drop off your vehicle today!


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  • Would recommend Nelson and his team to anyone! I had a long lasting problem that nobody could figure out with my car and Nelson took the time and diagnosed the problem. He called and kept me updated every step of the way and didn't charge me for any unnecessary services. He was upfront and explained everything thoroughly. My car was totaled in an accident but as soon as I get my next Benz I will be bringing it in for service!!

    David M.
  • The 300D had a front end noise, Nelson knew immediately what it was. Very impressive.

    Carl D.
  • I came into NJ from my home in NY for a long weekend trip, when my AC just stopped working. Having a newborn, had to get this solved ASAP as per my wife's orders.

    Found Nomad on Google on a Saturday morning. Place seemed to have some good reviews and legit. Nelson picked up as he patiently heard me tell him my problem. He told me to come by in an hour (on a Saturday). When I arrived, he was ready for me.

    This is why he was good:

    1. Patient on the phone, not rude.

    2. Told him my problem, and he gave me a differential as to what it could be.

    3. Clearly explained the plan in terms of diagnostics first.

    4. One problem was diagnosed - he proposed the simplest/ cheapest/ easiest possible solution to our AC problem.

    Bottom line:

    1. Didn't feel like I was getting hustled (as most places work by the hour and it's in there best interest to say something is complicated and charge more time). Felt he was honest and gave me a very reasonable time frame/ rate.

    Highly recommend, this place is legit.

  • Highly recommend Nelson and his team. I have an older Benz and they take great care of it. Always take the time to educate me on what needs to be done and give fair pricing. I don't trust anyone else with my car.

  • I am from Missouri, I needed the repairs done the same evening when I stopped at the shop, the service manager went out of his way to find the parts needed and help me get it done, he understood I didn't have a place to spend the night. They even bought me dinner while waiting for them to get it fixed. They clearly explained the necessary repairs in order for me to drive the vehicle safely, but recommended all that needed to be done so it wouldn't brake down unexpectedly while driving out of state. Thank you for the great service!

  • Excellent place to get your Mercedes and BMW serviced. Nomad has Mercedes trained technicians and they go out of their way to help. They replace parts only when needed and not hurt your pocket. They have courteous staff and guide you well.. I would highly recommend Nomad over Ray Catena.

  • I got my Mercedes Sprinter serviced by Nomad South Amboy, very professionally done and very friendly people, they don't pressure to do more than needed but, they give advice what should be done to vehicle to prevent damages, highly recommend.

  • First time customer made an appointment over the phone, service was prompt and courteous and above all professional!

  • I fell in love with a used SL-Convertible, which was trade-in by the sole-owner. I hired these experts to help me make a decision. Nelson and the Nomad team spent several hours going through every detail of the car and ran a full diagnostic. They explained every diagnostic code to me - one at a time.

    Their analysis showed the possibility of $8k-$10 of potential work that could need to be done in the next few years. They even pointed out a leak in the rear window seal - a very inexpensive repair that could circumvent a costly repair down the road. Their thoroughness prompted me to ask the dealer for more detailed maintenance records & gave me a better negotiating point. Luckily, spending a few hundred dollars upfront saved me from making a very costly purchase - by turning an emotional decision into a logical one. I would never buy a benz without checking with these guys, first.

    Jon N. on March 16, 2015
  • I highly recommend these guys not only for their service but also for their fairness and honesty! Feel free to read my review below:

    Had a keyless go problem with my car after a battery replacement.

    Went first to Ray Catena Mercedes Service and they charged me over $140 for "diagnostic" that they barely touched in my car. Their service sheet even said "No Codes Found" and I was still left with my problem; gave me a bogus excuse to change a key part that would have cost me $850+.

    Then I decided to contact these guys directly afterwards (around 4:30pm). Nelson from Nomad was kind enough to call me to confirm my appointment and waited for me until 4:45pm to take my car in. He worked diligently (after hours) for about 1.5 hours trying to figure out my problem and finally did! When he found the codes, he showed me everything on the large screen TV and explained what each meant and it's seriousness. He was very fair with charging me for only the 1.5 hour of labor and not even the full 2 hours as most of the other places do.

    Being a first time customer, I would say that these guys take their time to figure out the problem and not waste the customer's time & money like the "Genuine Mercedes Dealers" do.

    I will definitely bring my car to him again!

    RK on March 11, 2015
  • My service and pricing have been outstanding at Nomad Mercedes of South Amboy New Jersey. the staff have always been first rate. i would recommend Nomad for all servicing on your Mercedes or BMW cars, thank you.

    John A. on February 24, 2015
  • I have the please of having Nelson for my mechanic. I know that he is trustworthy and you can trust fully in his skills as a mechanic. He would only recommend what needs to be done and what work will need to be done in the near future. He make his services available when needed for all his customers. It has been my pleasure to have found a good mechanic that I can fully depend on.

    Kathie on January 17, 2015
  • From the moment I got on the phone with Tim, I knew this was the place that I would choose to repair my car. Tim, the manager at Mercedes Nomad, was never too busy to take my call and made me feel like I was VIP each time I did call. The job wasn't a small one. I got an engine swap, among other things and it took a little less than a week to have my car up and running smoothly. The prices are fair and the the tech team is absolutely amazing! Nelson, the lead mechanic, is super knowledgeable and super kind. I must have called everyday and each time, both Tim and, especially, Nelson took their time addressing any questions/concerns I had, as if I were the only customer they had. Yet their shop was always filled with customers (which isn't surprising given their customer service). They truly took their time putting my mind at ease. Given I am a female, I was concerned that I might be taken "advantage" of BUT I did not get that feeling, not even for a second. Nelson kept me updated with videos and phone calls. Every decision on my car was made by me in advance of any work done. Which is great because I have been to shops where work was done without my approval. John, the other mechanic at Nomad, is by far one of the nicest guys I've come across. Seriously, such genuine personalities here. Ultimately, I am a satisfied customer and I know that if I ever have a concern with my SLK, that I will not hesitate to call Mercedes Nomad and "bother" them, for that is how comfortable the entire team makes you feel. And THAT is a very reassuring feeling. Thanks for taking great care of my car. Needless to say: Highly Recommended

    Saira R. on December 9, 2015
  • I have been using Mercedes Nomad since Nelson was doing "dealer service in your driveway." He has always been dependable and professional. Since he has opened a physical service center, he has managed to find employees with a like mind. They all are knowledgeable and continue to give my car the great service that he has given me for the past five years. I highly recommend his service center to my friends and any Mercedes and BMW owners. While taking my rental car back, the rental agent told me Mercedes Nomad is rated the #1 service center in this area. When the insurance companies refer their Mercedes customers for repairs, Mercedes Nomad is their number #1 choice.I am glad I found the best technicians in the Central Jersey. I will continue to use him to service my Mercedes R350 as long as it is on the road. As long as Nomad Mercedes is taking care of my baby, I expect that to be a long time.

    Lilshaun on November 1, 2014
  • Nelson is a world class mechanic with a great shop. His enthusiasm for European clearly shows in how approaches his work by being always honest, clear and available. His shop is really well planned and for a independent shop he provides better service then dealer all for a better price! He had a rental car ready for me, car was washed and all the work was clearly explained as well as future recommendations. I highly recommend Mercedes Nomad to everyone! The best part is he is a highly trained diesel mechanic..rare!

    Abdul on August 25, 2014
  • Nelson and Tim have both been so extremely helpful and honest in explaining to me at length what my options are with my Mercedes, which is long past any dealer warranty. There is no question in my mind that they really know what they're doing and it is such a relief to find an honest, caring mechanic!

    Anne S. on August 25, 2014
  • Finally I have found a repair shop that is trustworthy and honest!

    Being a woman, I often feel that I get taken advantage of by mechanics figuring I don't know anything and they tell me that things are broken when they are not. I knew I found the right repair shop this time when the mechanic actually took the time to fully explain to me what needed to be done with my car and why. He even showed me the broken part to help make me feel comfortable. I left the shop feeling confident that the right repairs were being done.

    The labor charges are very reasonable and much better then the Mercedes dealership where I used to go; especially since my car is out of warranty, costs add up fast, so I was very happy when I got my bill from Mercedes Nomad!

    What I appreciated the most is that the mechanic understood that I was working with a tight budget, so he prioritized the work needed by importance and safety issues. He let me know what needed to be done right away and what I could wait on.

    The reception area and waiting room are immaculate! Even the bathroom is nice and clean!!

    The mechanic that worked on my car is Nelson and I would absolutely recommend both him and Mercedes Nomad.

    Kristin on August 15, 2014
  • Had my Benz serviced by these guys today for 1st time. Great guys, great experience, clean, honest, very reasonable, unlike your usual feeling of getting jobbed by dealers or mechanics. Definitely going back for all my Benz needs. Highly recommended for your Benz.

    Harry N. on June 21, 2014

3 Reviews

  • sam tabaziba
    sam tabaziba4 years ago

    After reading reviews online, I took a chance and went to see Nelson for some items I needed done on my ML550. Glad to say he went above and beyond. Identified other things in the engine that one other mechanic had advised to ignore and keep driving until till the car dies. Nelson explained potential risks and costs if I let that happen. For a reasonable fee Nelson jumped on it and took care of my auto. It now runs like a charm. He is now my "go to" guy.

    2009 Mercedes-Benz ML550
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  • MonaRae Stokes
    MonaRae Stokes5 years ago

    Nomad of Central Jersey in Scotch Plains provides excellent repairs and great customer service! I met Nelson at Nomad at a very fragile time; My other repair shop closed down and my Mercedes gear shift malfunctioned. After searching for a week for someone to fix my car, I found Nomad through a internet search. I read the reviews and gave Nomad a call. Mind you it was Saturday and Nomad was open. Yay! My car has since been repaired. It it running well and all because of Nomad. I paid a fair price and was given excellent service.

    Furthermore, Nomad gave me an itemized report of future needed repairs that will help to extend the life of my car. I left Nomad knowing that I have found my new repair shop. I'm so glad that Nomad is here! Try Nomad if you have a need. You can't go wrong!

    2005 Mercedes-Benz E320. 4Matic
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  • Steve Cooper
    Steve Cooper 8 years ago

    Great experience at Nomad and very professional.

    2008 Mercedes-Benz E350
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