German Imports Specialists

2015 Burlington,
North Kansas City, MO 64116 US
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German import auto repair shop, specializing in Mercedes-Benz repair for the North Kansas City, MO area.

2 Reviews

  • Sharon Mills
    Sharon Mills12 years ago

    I absolutely recommend German Imports -- they have done a fabulous job the four times I have visited their shop. They are priced reasonably -- and do excellent work.

    For any Mercedes owner -- I highly recommend....

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  • Jim Kissinger
    Jim Kissinger13 years ago

    DON'T USE THIS COMPANY: Left a car for oil/filter change and to replace a light bulb. Picked it up that evening to find they only replaced the bulb - and charged $61 for it. He said they had to remove a reservoir to get to the bulb - that isn't true - MB World confirms it can be reached by hand although a tight fit (reach in, turn left and pull) and I intended to do it myself but thought they could do it while it was going in for an oil change. A $60 lesson later makes me want to help others avoid the same mistake with this group. They defended the cost saying they ran a diagnostic check, which I never requested, but they didn't bother to even provide the results which reportedly showed it needed an air filter and maybe other service...they acknowledged they cleared the change oil/service light on the dash - but they didn't change the oil even though it showed on the intake sheet and i specifically asked for it. A One Star rating is too high but it is the only option.

    To make things right, they told me they I could bring my car in again today. Neither of the two i spoke with apologized even for the inconvenience or oversight but the owner did say he was too busy to talk with me - obviously they have too much business and don't need any more.

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