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Hunt Valley EuroCar performs all services using factory trained technicians specializing in high end European automobile car service, maintenance and repair with the latest automotive diagnostic equipment. Expert mechanical service on Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover. Combining thirty years of experience, we service all late model as well as classic automobiles on the road today. We can provide you with all of your car care needs in our new Cockeysville, Maryland service center with a comfortable waiting room, free drinks and Wi-Fi. Call us, send an email or stop in today for a consultation and appointment for your current vehicle's service needs.

1 Review

  • Jason
    Jason7 years ago

    I brought my 2010 C63 here for repair the first time when my steering pump is broken. previously I have Mercedes do everything because I have a 5 years warrantee on it, but since the warrantee is out I want to try this shop out. I usually does maintenance on cars myself when I resides in California with a house garage, but since I moved to Maryland I did not bother to do it myself. So Brandon (owner of this shop) sounds pretty nice and knowledgeable on my first visit. I told him that the engine belt was torn previously and I had it replaced for 2 times, and also replaced some pulleys on the engine that could have caused the torn. Brandon took care of the steering pump for me, and exchanged 2 pulleys he said which might have cause the torn ($1300 total for the service).

    The 2nd day I drove the car after I picked it up, the belt was torn again. This time I brought it in to Brandon again ($100 tow fee), and he said one of the "other" pulleys seems wrong, and he had to order it again and replace it. this caused me another $300 which could be prevented if these un-professionals could do their job right the first time. If you have ever take a look under the hood before, you will know how easy it is to spot all the pulleys in front of the engine, it doesn't take a genius or master degree to do so and spot what's wrong with it.

    This is just as if you go to see a doctor for your broken ribs, and the doctor took an x-ray, and sees your broken ribs but fail to tell you there's a black spot next to the broken ribs that resembles a tumor. Next thing you know as you step out of the hospital you pass out because of the tumor that the doctor missed to identify. As a doctor, you would lose your profession for making a mistake like this.

    These guys are just money hungry, they do not care for you or your car. They would hide what's wrong with the car (pretty sure that's what happened to me), and see you on your next visit to collect more money. imagine if I had my drive belt torn on the freeway, I would not be alive to write this truthful review now.

    Don't trust them for your safety and for your family. Pay a little more money to bring in to a real mechanic to avoid more cost of your time and risk of your life.

    2010 Mercedes-Benz c63
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