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12371 Reynolds Dr,
Fishers, IN 46038 US
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Hash Imports offers superior Mercedes-Benz service from start to finish. Our certified Mercedes-Benz technicians are here to provide all types of and repairs for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

1 Review

  • James Turk
    James Turk1 year ago

    Hash has maintained my wonderful “King of the Road” in great condition since 2012. Mike Hash at the front desk has extensive knowledge seasoned with an extraordinary level of common sense, patience and humor that is rare these days!

    For the last 7 years they have kept my great car in perfect condition.

    Drove it to Alaska & back 2 summers ago. A tow up there can cost more than your car. No hint of any trouble.

    A dealership in AZ broke more parts than they fixed after a break-in & the dealership here estimated $17,000 to correct! Hash looked hard and found the car was in great shape, with the exceptions of the broken parts. Only charged $1,795 (10%!!!) to restore it to full service and expect it to run well for many more years. Feels new. Real pros who know what they are doing and charge a more-than-fair price.

    I find myself thinking I could write a book on what they have done to keep this car owning the road after 27 years and 319,000 miles of hard use. I simply cannot say enough to do them justice. Strongly recommend Hash Imports. They are the best!

    1992 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL
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