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Welcome to Indianapolis' only Exclusive Mercedes Benz Independent Service and Repair facility. Unlike all other independents, we serve only the Mercedes line of vehicles. Our expertise on these vehicles is what sets us apart from the traditional "all makes" independent repair shops.

We use only the Mercedes Benz Xentry DAS diagnostic system. There is no substitute for this equipment. This means for you, our customer, there are never any educated guesses of any concern we are diagnosing on your vehicle. Also MB genuine replacement parts are all we use. You can request the use of aftermarket parts in some cases, but keep in mind that our prices (labor + parts) will always come in a bit less than most other shops. We look forward to doing business with you!

As mentioned above, the exclusive use of MB genuine parts, fluids, & specialized factory tools/equipment is what sets us apart from the rest. The Mercedes Benz line of vehicles are the BEST on the road. Let us keep your investment operating & performing to its best.

Meet Our Owner

  • John Keefe


    Our owner has over 12 yrs experience with Mercedes Benz vehicles. MB Master Certified through 2014. He has worked at 3 of the most prestigious MB Dealerships in the U.S. : MB USA (MB Manhattan), MB of Greenwich (Greenwich, CT) & MB of Fairfield (Fairfield, CT). he has quite a training resume as well. We also specialize in Performance enhancements from mild to wild (ask him about his W108 Project, if you have all day LOL!).

11 Reviews

  • Alvin Ow
    Alvin Ow2 years ago

    A huge shout out to John for his professionalism, honesty, prioritizing the customer before profit and excellent auto work. Absolutely thrilled I found Benz Unlimited. What a great experience! From start to finish the communication was thorough and professional. The work was done very professionally and the price was reasonable for the quality of service received. This is my go to place in Indianapolis to have my Benz serviced. John is super knowledgeable about Mercedes. Top notch. You have a customer for life!

    2012 Mercedes-Benz GL- Class
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  • Binh D.
    Binh D.3 years ago

    Blew out pulley and serpentine belt while passing through Indianapolis and was towed to John's shop at 3pm. He had my Mercedes fixed and back on the road by 10am the next day. The car drives better than before and at a fraction of what it would have cost at the dealers. Can't recommend Benz Unlimited enough. Thank you John!

    2008 Mercedes-Benz W164
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  • Alan N
    Alan N4 years ago

    So glad I found Benz Unlimited. John is the owner and does the repairs himself. I bought my S550 used with low mileage and wanted an alternative to the regular dealership. I vetted him on here and other sites before calling the shop. I spoke to his mom who said her son is the best MB mechanic around. She might have been biased, but he truly seems to know everything Mercedes. It's all he works on and is detail-oriented. Very reasonably priced and takes pride in his work. Highly recommended.

    2013 Mercedes-Benz S550
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  • Judy Willows
    Judy Willows4 years ago

    I contacted Benz Unlimited for an estimate for my near due 60,000 mile service. After receiving my estimate I made a few other calls to other repair shops ( Including the dealership ) for comparison. Benz Unlimited supplied the best estimate for the job. There were several factors outside of just pricing ( 2 other repair shops were less ) that made my decision VERY easy.

    1. John sent an ACTUAL estimate. It was a detailed, Itemized EASY TO UNDERSTAND estimate, Tax included!! All others ( Including the dealership ) were quite vague. I honestly had no questions for John.

    2. I felt extremely comfortable dealing with John and Anne Marie throughout the estimate and scheduling process.

    3. Location. I do not live on Indy's West side, but it wasn't extremely far for me. And once there.... It was the cleanest repair shop I have ever been too. SOLD!

    As for the work done to my vehicle, John went over everything he had done and explained everything in a way I could easily understand. My Mercedes will NEVER go anywhere else. Also, it was a pleasant surprise to see the diverse amount of Mercedes vehicles there when I dropped mine off. It seemed he had something from every decade there!

    In closing, I will never go anywhere else for my vehicles needs. John is very friendly, Detail oriented, and has a business demeanor that is second to none. You don't feel like a "customer" with John, and that is rare in any business setting these days!

    2012 Mercedes-Benz E 550
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  • Paul Henry
    Paul Henry5 years ago

    I referenced this site and contacted John last week regarding a check engine light and a brake squeal I've been putting up with for some time now. I was given an estimate previously from another repair facility, Hence why i have been "putting up" with these issues for a month now. (Was told the repairs were in excess of $1,300)

    John said he would have a look and see if I in fact needed the items previously diagnosed. I dropped my E class off on Wednesday 4/29 to Benz Unlimited, and John called me that afternoon with great (and unexpected!) news. My check engine light turns out, was only a faulty sensor that was only $40 or $50?? I was confused given my other estimate.

    To make sure that is all it was i decided to leave my vehicle with John until this a.m., as i was out of town on business anyway for the weekend. John drove the car and ensured me all is well! Also the brake squeal turned out to be a lack of lubricant in the correct location on the brake pads.

    I couldn't be happier and I wish I found Benz Unlimited sooner! It seems i am not alone on this. Thanks again John!

    2012 Mercedes-Benz E 550
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  • Mohmad S
    Mohmad S6 years ago

    My newly purchased ML was due for it's 1st service I got quoted what the 1st service would be from the dealership and it was outrageous. I was referred to Benz Unlimited from a friend of mine who I contacted via email and was given a quote for my 1st service within 30 mins which was priced lower than the dealership.

    In speaking to John on the phone I felt he was very knowledgeable and professional so I scheduled my appointment for the following Wednesday and was very impressed with John's layout and the shop, it was a clean environment I felt very comfortable leaving my car in good hands! Upon completing my service John was kind enough to help me operate some of the things on my vehicle I wasn't sure of.

    I will return to Benz Unlimited for all of my non-warranty service work in the future!

    2013 Mercedes-Benz ML 350
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  • Taisha Williams
    Taisha Williams7 years ago

    Several weeks ago, during terrible weather, the wiper motor went on my ML320. I was grocery shopping with my kids at the time and had to have my husband come pick me up, leaving my car in the parking lot. This happened on a late Sunday afternoon. My husband went online when we got home to look up repair shops in the area, we’re relatively new to Indy, and he came across Benz Unlimited. He called to leave a message (because it was a Sunday) however, John answered. John took the time to troubleshoot the problem over the phone, determining it was most likely the wiper motor. My husband asked how quickly he could get my car in John said he would be able to get my car in the following day after business hours. The next morning, we received an itemized, easy to read estimate from John. Over the course of the day, my husband did contact the dealership for an estimate and after a several hour wait, we received an estimate that was exponentially higher than John’s and was somewhat vague. Needless to say, we were sold on going to John and after work, we dropped my car off. We got stuck in heavy traffic on the way and were concerned about missing our appointment time. We called John and he was more than understanding. Once we arrived, we met John. He was extremely polite, professional and knowledgeable. We were impressed with his overall shop appearance and cleanliness. John said he would try to have my car done as early as possible the next day. Much to my relief, he called me mid morning the next day, telling me my car was ready to be picked up. I had a rental car and told John I needed to drop that off first and take a taxi to his shop to pick my car up so I was unsure how long I would be. John was nice enough to offer me a ride to drop off the rental, which saved me even more money on the cab fare J Also, John did look my car over for anything else it might need, free of charge. He gave me a heads up on a few things but it wasn’t a pushy, sales pitch. More of an FYI for down the road. I will absolutely be returning to John when I am a bit more down the road for any and all of my service needs. Thank you again for your prompt help, kindness, and most importantly, honesty! Taisha W.

    2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320
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  • Greg B
    Greg B7 years ago

    I contacted Benz Unlimited after finding out the dealership wanted $460+ to perform service A on my car. I immediately got a quote emailed back to me, which came in for MUCH less than the dealership. WOW! I was able to schedule the service at my earliest convenience, and communicated several more times with John via email.

    I took my car in yesterday and decided to wait there while the service was being done. During this time, I met other customers, who were very pleased with the service they had been given. After John finished with my car, he gave me a through explanation of what he had done. He also spent some extra time answering my questions and looking into a few items I had forgot to mention initially. He was very patient with my questions and did not try to rush me out the door. Furthermore, he was very knowledgeable about each thing I asked.

    I'm very pleased to found Benz Unlimited on this website, and would absolutely recommend them to anyone. I will definitely return to John for my next service. It’s nice to know I'm saving a lot of money, while my car is receiving excellent service. Thanks Benz Unlimited.

    2005 Mercedes-Benz SLK350
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    John (owner)7 years ago

    Thank you Greg, The pleasure was all mine! I do appreciate your very kind words regarding your experience here yesterday. It means a lot that you would take the time to share your experience with others to read & and maybe even aid in the decision making process of "where to go".


    John K

  • QuentinM
    QuentinM7 years ago

    I contacted Benz Unlimited for my service due indicator (90,000 mile service) and also my check engine light. John promptly emailed me a service quote and explained that the check engine light would be looked into as part of my service whereas the other shop I contacted wanted to charge me an hour of labor on top of my service. I made my appointment, once I arrived I was greeted by John and was immediately impressed with the amount of knowledge he had off the top of his head vs being impersonal and staring at a computer screen for answers to any question I had. He asked if I could wait for the diagnosis on the check engine light as he was aware of some common issues with my particular vehicle. Once in the shop, it was maybe 5 minutes or so before he came and brought me out to my car in the workshop. He showed me an oil leak on the back of my engine and explained that due to a loss of oil, there were some codes for camshaft sensors. He then showed me live data, which made no sense at all and may as well have been written in hierogliphics. I'm not a "car person." I didn't say anything because I didn't care much for a possible condescending explanation I've had to pretend to listen to in the past. It was most likely evident I was clueless because John thoroughly took the time to explain things in "layman's terms." I understood everything with more ease but most importantly, it also made me fully trust he wasn't just selling me things I didn't need. Long story short, he informed me the these sensors are very sensitive to the oil level in the engine. He advised me that by performing the service and replacing some (inexpensive) parts for the oil leak, that would take care of my check engine light. Off to work I went and John contacted me a few hours later and told me my car was all set. Since picking my car up I have driven over 150 miles and all is well. John's prices were unbelievably fair and my car is working perfectly. He had also pointed out that my front brakes were nearing replacement, however, didn't pull the scare-tactics-move in order to just make a sale. John simply stated that I have time and it was not an urgent need. I truly feel that John is a rare, honest professional in his field, which is few and far. I will not go anywhere else for my Mercedes. Thank you again, John. Your knowledge and honesty has forever earned my loyalty as a customer.

    2009 Mercedes-Benz C350
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    John (owner)7 years ago

    Thankyou Quentin for your very kind words and your very detailed review about your experience with me! I appreciate that very much!

  • Kimberly M
    Kimberly M7 years ago

    As promised my follow up review! I dropped my CLK off this a.m. and it was a pleasure meeting John, I didnt feel rushed or like I was bothering him with all my questions LOL! He explained alot about My CLK to me and I'm pretty confident I can set my clock finaly! As for his services, He was spot on with his preliminary estimate, still cant believe how much less than my other estimate?? My brakes have never felt better! My car has not stopped this well since I purchased new! Very happy I found John & Benz Unlimited! Absolutely A++ Will be back for every service! (and hopefuly nothing else!)

    2004 Mercedes-Benz 320
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    John (owner)7 years ago

    Kimberly, the pleasure was all mine, and as I told you, never hesitate to call and ask me anything LOL! I look forward to your next visit and thankyou for your very kind words!

  • Kimberly M
    Kimberly M7 years ago

    I contacted Benz Unlimited because my "service due now" indicator has been displayed for about a week, and I must say I was really impressed on how quickly John was able to put together an estimate for me, as I'm aware from a recent shop visit elsewhere, that I also need brakes. John provided me an estimate of service "B"and front brakes for way less than my most recent shop. He also explained why it is best to use only Mercedes-Benz parts. So the way i see it, same parts as the dealer, way less than the European independent I visited last....So what else is there to say? He also told me my car would be completed the same day I drop it off! I will post a follow up review after my car is finished, But so far A+

    2004 Mercedes-Benz 320
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