Autosport of Savannah

4601 Montgomery Street,
Savannah, GA 31405 US
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We specialize in European vehicles which includes Mini Coopers. We have been in business for 35 years. We love Mini Coopers!

4 Reviews

  • Mark Brunstad
    Mark Brunstad3 years ago

    The guys at Autosport took care of me when I had some major issues on the road home from Florida with my G-wagon . They had me up and running the next day, on time, on budget, and no issues for the rest of my trip back to New England. They were professional, extremely knowledgeable, and above all - totally transparent and honest - which is rare these days. Definitely give them a try if you have an issue with any car on your way to-from Florida. Aston, MB, Jaguar, RR, Bently, whatever you have.

    2003 Mercedes-Benz G-500
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  • Todd
    Todd9 years ago

    No matter what the problem, or what your budget is, Ted will lay out all your options very clearly for you. He will be just as happy to get you back on the road with factory parts, or use rebuilt or even used parts, if that's what your budget can handle. Whatever the situation, Ted will go out of his way to get your car repaired somehow. You can't help but be happy about finding a place with knowledgable people providing great service at half what a dealership charges.

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  • michael colton
    michael colton10 years ago

    I have nothing but good things to say about Autosport. A rare place these days where courtesy and very prompt service is the order of the day. A 5 star place.

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  • Chris
    Chris11 years ago

    I currently own a 1996 Volvo. When I bought it in July 2009 it needed some work done, but there was not a shop in my area that specialized in European cars. A friend told me about Auto Sport so I gave them a call. They fit me in that week and everything I needed done was finished within a few days! These guys know what they are doing. I dont know much about cars but everything was explained to me in detail, in ENGLISH! It is now January and I am going to be a return customer because of there great service. Where better to go for a new starter than the SPECIALIST!

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