Autobahn Service Center

2109 Norwood Ave,
Savannah, GA 31406 US
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Savannah's dealer alternative for Mercedes-Benz service and Mercedes-Benz repair.

3 Reviews

  • Phelps S. Hawkins
    Phelps S. Hawkins4 years ago

    THE place to go. Dittmer is wonderfully helpful. Friends from The Landings all take their Mercedes and BMW's here and rave about the quality of the service. Top quality mechanical service, but it's the little things that impress ... the willingness to touch up some paint loss, advice on where to get quality tire repair, a guy who comes to clean front headlamps glass, etc. And Dittmer always has a used car or two that "came in" and has been completely services, for sale at great prices.

    2008 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • GenJones
    GenJones7 years ago

    No worries. This is the best shop in Savannah for Mercedes, BMW, and Mini. They are good enough for dealers to come to them with unsolved problems. Dietmar, a former head Mercedes dealer mechanic, is from Bavaria and takes great care of the customers just as you would wish to be cared for. The owners are there and have a great attitude so the shop is run very well. They will get you a used car of your specs for a small fee also. Regular customers can get loaner cars if available and weekend over the phone help. This is what a private shop specializing in Mercedes is supposed to be like.

    2005 Mercedes-Benz E320
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  • Brian in Savannah
    Brian in Savannah9 years ago

    What a joke, called them today and asked for a price to replace a wheel bearing in a Chrysler Crossfire and they said they only work on Mercedes, BMW German cars. When I told him the FACTS that the Crossfire is a Mercedes SLK 320 and built in Karmann Germany he said " It's not a Mercedes it's a Chrysler, hahaha" What an idiot. Someone that has this kind of knowledge about cars should be closed down, no wonder everyone laughed when I told them I would give them a chance. I told him I would call someone else. Way to go Autobahn, you just messed up big time. All of my friends and family drive German cars and they will now know where not to go.

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