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European auto repair shop specializing in Mercedes-Benz service & repair in Sarasota, FL. German certified master mechanic on staff.

1 Review

  • Trevor Sams
    Trevor Sams5 years ago

    As an engineer, I know what I am talking about. I have two Merc's at my vacation home on Holmes Beach an S500 and a SLK 350. Mike has maintained these for several years and I have no complaints about his competency,professionalism or his fairness. I was quoted around $7 K by Mercedes in Sarasota because of a leaking condensation tray on the SLK. They wanted to switch out the compressor, condenser and evaporator. Mike replaced the $6 piece of pipe for $86 including labor and R134a. I then had him do a top to bottom service, the fuel filter being the most expensive part as it is a fuel tank out job. Check the brakes, change oil, air, transmission, fuel, cabin a/c filters. Transmission fluid, brake fluid, plugs. With the fuel filter being a 3-4 hour job around $1 K including tax. I would recommend him to anyone. I undertake all my own maintenance at my home in the Caribbean, I even have a two post car lift, but not so in the US. Mike is straight and honest, and when he could have ripped me off he charged me $86 ??? When people resort to abusive language rather than an eloquent argument you can pretty much discount their dribble completely.

    2005 Mercedes-Benz SLK 350
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