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Star-Garage is a Mercedes-Benz only repair facility, conveniently located between Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The staff is comprised of former MB dealer, factory trained, Master and Certified Technicians.

With the use of factory level diagnostic equipment and years of experience, Star-Garage can help you maintain your vehicle with greater attention and affordability than the average dealer. The staff includes Classic Car, AMG, SLR and Maybach specialists. Insurance claims and aftermarket warranties honored. Maintenance services, tires and brakes in accordance with factory requirements, that won't void your factory warranty and cost about half price, compared to the dealer. Please call to schedule and appointment.

16 Reviews

  • John
    John2 years ago

    Joe at Star Garage saved me 4K. My wife’s Car broke down stating abc system malfunctioned and loud whining noise coming from the engine. Had it towed to the Mercedes dealer where I purchased it from and also bought an extended warranty. Mercedes dealer says it would be 4K to repair and the warranty wouldn’t cover it. Told them I would pick it up as I didn’t have 4K to drop in it. A friend of mine who has an older Mercedes suggested I contact Joe at star garage to see what he thought and how much he would charge. Had it towed there and find out it just the power steering pump and system and that is covered under warranty. Had my car back 2 days later fixed and free as the warranty paid and a nice car wash as well. So happy and I owe my friend lunch and dinner now, lol.

    2009 Mercedes-Benz SL550
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  • Valentin
    Valentin4 years ago

    There are not enough stars to rate star garage. I brought in my E55 for a new sbc unit. The car was finished in less than half a day. My dad brought a E420 that would not start. The car was on the trailer and they fixed it then and there. Literally drive through service. These guys know what they're doing. I will definetly be going back. Thanks for the excellent service!

    2004 Mercedes-Benz E55
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  • Shel
    Shel5 years ago

    The first time I used Star Garage, Dee worked on my car for an oil change. I must say A+ service and professionalism, price was very reasonable been a loyal regular for 2 plus years now. I've interacted with Mike and Joe on occasion as well for minor issues, it's always been a pleasant experience. This crew really make you feel welcomed and valued as a customer. Working with Dee, he's shown that he really cares about my car as his own. I'm impressed with the passion and work ethic these fellows have for Benz. Thank You Dee and the team over at Star-Garage for going the extra mile for me. P.S complimentary wash with service.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • Ken
    Ken6 years ago

    I have serviced both my 2007 e350 and 1996 c220 for the past 4 years with them and can say , Joe , mike and the crew are a class act . Honest, professional and are the best at what they do. I sell used vehicles in Hollywood , and I refer all my Mercedes Benz customers to them for any future maintenance. All my customers are very pleased with the service they get at star garage. I recommend anybody with a Benz to check these guys out . Trust me they do not disappoint .

    2007 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • anardo  valdez
    anardo valdez6 years ago

    I had a problem with my C230. I called and spoke to Joe & Mike, explained the problem, and they told me to bring the Benz down to Miami. I drove from Orlando to the Stargarage; I was impressed by these young men's work ethic, and the dedication they showed about their specialize craft was evident. The price was honest and transparent. Moreover, what strucked me the most was the satisfaction their faces showed when the key was given back to me, and the fact that they help a Paralyzed Veteran feel safe driving in the streets of florida. Thanks a billion Guys, one year has passed since you work on my C230 and is running like knew.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz C230
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  • kevin
    kevin6 years ago

    Found stargarage on the web.excellent reviews so I decided to give them a chance.previously was quoted 700 bucks for transmission service from the local dealer. Stargarage was able to beat that price drastically. My new home.also complimentary car washes is great as well. Keep it up guys

    2012 Mercedes-Benz cls550
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  • Brett
    Brett8 years ago

    I brought my E class over to Star-Garage for service and they were super friendly and the prices on everything were great. I definitely will tell my friends about them and will use them again!!

    2005 Mercedes-Benz E500
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  • Sal
    Sal8 years ago

    First time stopping by star garage I had a problem with my car those guys looked at it for me and were able to solve my problem within 20 min and told me to drive it and see if it fixed it and it did without spending thousands to solve.thanks guys you will be my shop for life thanks .i would recommend everybody with a Mercedes benz to have there car serviced thanks

    2004 Mercedes-Benz Clk320
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  • Donna Henning
    Donna Henning8 years ago

    Went to Star when my AC OFF light went on and I could not get any cold air. Joe recharged the systemn and replaced my windshield wipers in less than an hour and the whole experience was soooo much better than any dealership in the area. Very reasonable prices and they understand your parameters. My first experience with them but they will be my go to people for my care forever!!!! Wonderful to get realistic, pleasant , honest service in the south Florida area!!!!

    2004 Mercedes-Benz kompressor
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  • Robbie Rob
    Robbie Rob8 years ago

    I just had tranny flush and oil change! Joe n Star Garage were exceptional!! I will be bringing my Benz there for all services from now on! Joe gave best advice!!!

    Mercedes-Benz S550
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  • Walter Tymczyna
    Walter Tymczyna9 years ago

    Joe & Mike are the best. They sold me my commuter/daily driver car, a 1995 C220 & so far it has been fantastic. They were honest about everything with the car & set realistic expectations. Any questions I've had they've answered with honesty & trust. I will only work with Joe & Mike for my Mercedes needs. They're awesome!

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  • D. Hackett
    D. Hackett9 years ago

    My air was not blowing cold on my 2007 CLS 550. Called them said bring it in they would check it out. they asked me if someone added freon because the pressure was high. i said no. He told me he was going to bring to the correct pressure.

    Came back said air was now blowing cold. I took out my credit card and he said NO CHARGE. I said No charge! He said he didn't add any thing just brought it to the correct pressure. WOW! Never ever have I taken a car to a garage and not charged. Star is now my garage for all service.

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  • Melissa
    Melissa10 years ago

    These guys are great! Before I knew of them I had taken my 2002 Mercedes SLK230 to the Mercedes-Benz dealership where I originally purchased my car for warning lights "ESP/BAS malfunction" and "Check Engine." The dealership charged me $270+ for a "diagnosis" and gave me a quote of $2,200.00.. While complaining about my dilema to a friend of a friend, who is also a Mercedes owner, she recommended me to Star Garage for a second opinion. Not only did I show up there without an appointment, but Mike checked my car with their laptop computer and fixed it while I waited. He found the problem quickly and had the part on-hand. It wound up being a bad sensor. The total bill was $122.00!!! Best of all, I was out of there in less than 40min!!!! I drove my car for 2 days just to be sure it was cured (just because I was still in slight denial about how quickly and cheap it was fixed) then I went back to the dealership and raised hell with them! I felt they tried to take advantage of me because I am a woman. I got my money back too! I will never bring my car anywhere other than to the honest and knowledgeable guys at Star Garage! They are the BEST!

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  • big.d
    big.d10 years ago




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  • joe
    joe10 years ago

    very good service performed on my e55 at least half the price of the dealership prices,all are master certified techs working on the cars.

    very friendly people who know mercedes in and wont be let down

    to me the best shop out there,thanks guys......

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  • K. Bobe'
    K. Bobe'10 years ago

    Trustworthy, precision diagnostics, great prices for excellent service. The top Mercedes Master Certified Technicians in the area worked to deliver my E320 in perfect condition. My husband's 420 S, which had a problem that no one could fix, was expertly repaired at Star Garage and returned to us smoothly running. I couldn't ask for more. These guys are personable and well trained. They're a dynamic team sure to meet all of your expectations and more. Thanks Star Garage!

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