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2551 Apache St,
Sarasota, FL 34231 US
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I am an independent business owner and Mercedes-Benz technician with over 20 years of experience. I have factory training received while working for a local Mercedes-Benz dealership for 15 years. I have been in business for myself for approximately 10 years. I am a mobile mechanic, so I repair cars for clients at their home, business or at my shop in Sarasota, FL.

1 Review

  • Bob Zarnetske
    Bob Zarnetske11 years ago

    I searched the internet with hope to find someone who I could trust my 41-year-old 220D to take care of before I shipped it to Sarasota, FL, from Connecticut. I didn't want to drive the not-yet broken in car with just 50,300 original miles, because I was afraid it wouldn't make it, I just don't like keeping up at 80 mph with other traffic. I don't drive that fast in any of my cars. My 240D, a 100 percent veggie car, is staying in Connecticut for the summer, but I had to be sure I was confident with someone to take as good care of the 220D in Florida as Mike and Ron do in Connecticut.

    It means a lot to me for someone to take pride in their work and especially in these MB mechanical wonders. To advertize your skills and credentials with MB meant a lot to me. Remember, in 1888 it was Bertha Benz who was the first "motorist" when she drove a second prototype "Benz Motorwagen" from Mannheim to Pforzheim with here two sons, Richard and Eugen. She was the first driver in the world and made the trip in the famous three-wheeler long before Henry Ford turned out the first Model T. There were no gas stations then and she had to stop at a pharmacy to buy benzene in Wiesloch, where it remains today as an historical site. Both of my old MB diesels are historical to me and deserve the best care everywhere. I choose mechanics in the same manner I choose doctors. Investigate!

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