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Miami Mercedes Benz & BMW Diagnostics, Service and Repair Center

"Reinventing the independent shop world."

We commit every day to achieve excellence in customer service and mastery in every diagnostic and Mercedes-Benz repair service.

All of our mechanics are ASE accredited and Factory Certified, with over 20 years of combined experience providing the finest service available at competitive prices.

We use the latest in diagnostic technology to get you on the road safely and quickly.

Mercedes Benz and BMW Certified Technicians.

20 Reviews

  • Daniel
    Daniel 7 months ago

    To start, I was having issue with the car starting. Took it in for repairs and found out it had a couple issues. Long story short Hector was able to get my car up and running it wasn’t cheap due to buying original parts from Mercedes but I am happy overall with the great service repair I received through out the process. Highly recommend this shop for your repairs.

    2015 Mercedes-Benz C300
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  • T. Maestu
    T. Maestu1 year ago

    Great indie shop, top mechanics, they get it right. Charges will always be less than dealer, for comprable work. Highly reccomend for Benz.

    2008 Mercedes-Benz c350 Amg
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  • MONICA E Rivera
    MONICA E Rivera2 years ago

    My car is new, but for any reason, started having some problems with battery and without any doubt I came here. Benz & Bmerz fixed it immediately and fast! Was really perfect work and on time. I recommend their service!

    2017 Other Spark
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  • Tommy
    Tommy2 years ago

    Benz & Bmerz is an incredible shop with attention to detail and quality service. Hector the owner/proprietor personally supervises all repairs and transactions with his customers. We’ve been going to him for over 10 years, and highly recommend him.

    2000 Mercedes-Benz S430
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  • María C.
    María C.2 years ago

    I’m so happy I discovered Benz & Bmerz because I have received excellent service on my car and I have been treated professionally, courteously and honestly. As an example, the reputable dealer I bought my car from 8 years ago, and always took my car for service, wanted $1,500 to unclog the sunroof drain hose and replace it. At Benz and Bmerz I paid $ 45.00 to unclog and there was no need to replace anything.- never had a problem again. The dealer lost a customer, I’ve been a satisfied Benz and Bmerz client since.

    2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350
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  • Nbloria10
    Nbloria102 years ago

    The staff was cordial and responded to all my concerns. The work was completed within the time promised. I definitely recommend Benz & Bmerz to anyone who loves their car.

    2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK350
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  • P Rivera
    P Rivera3 years ago

    Benz & Bmerz is efficient and kept me informed of repairs.

    2014 Mercedes-Benz Gl550
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  • Daimara
    Daimara3 years ago

    Benz & Bmerz is the best shop to take your car! I took my Mercedes C300 and it was fixed with amazing quality and attention to every detail. I’m very satisfied with the service, professionalism and honesty. This shop truly stands for excellence. Congratulations to Benz & Bmerz for their success!

    2015 Mercedes-Benz C300
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  • Ginny Hunter
    Ginny Hunter3 years ago

    Benz and Bmerz is a great shop to for repairs and maintenance of your vehicle. They are realistic in providing time frames of when the vehicle will be done. They are very fairly priced and in particular when compared to dealerships and the staff is friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this business. I have been using them for years now through 2 cars and extremely satisfied.

    2013 Mercedes-Benz E350
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  • Liliana
    Liliana3 years ago

    Escogí este lugar por los excelentes comentarios que han dado de ellos y en verdad tuve una muy buena atención por parte de el Sr Hector y Mavis, el tiempo de espera fue corto y un muy buen precio si se compara con el dealer, estoy contenta de haber llevado mi carro allí por todas las razones anteriores y por que confió en que hacen un trabajo honesto!! Y eso es muy importante para mí.

    Gracias al Sr Hector y su equipo de trabajo.

    2014 Mercedes-Benz C250
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  • Marco Fernandez
    Marco Fernandez4 years ago

    I had been using Benz & Bmerz for my Mercedes Benz for many years. Honesty, great service, fast, and very reasonable.

    2003 Mercedes-Benz C240
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  • Andres Soberon
    Andres Soberon5 years ago

    I strongly and confidently recommend Benz & Bmerz as one whose customer service is exceptional. They go out of their way to make you feel that you are in good hands and that you will never get gouged.

    2010 Mercedes-Benz C300
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  • Ophelia Diez
    Ophelia Diez5 years ago

    I was recommended by a friend to use Benz & Bmerz for my C300 and I am so happy that I took that recommendation! I needed a B service on my Mercedes and they took care of it. They were professional and courteous and my car was ready in the time promised. I would highly recommend Benz & Bmerz. Adriana, Hector and Christian are very easy to work with and very personable!

    2010 Mercedes-Benz C300
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  • Andres Soberon
    Andres Soberon5 years ago

    The service at Benz & Bmerz is second to none. As opposed to many in the car repair industry, the team at B & B is more concerned at having happy, return customers, than picking your pocket one time. They go above and beyond what anyone could expect and I highly recommend them as honest, knowledgeable and fair car care professionals. I would not consider taking my MB anywhere else other than Benz & Bmerz. For those that are a bit far away from the shop, it is still well worth the ride knowing that you will be treated fairly in a state of the art, work place.

    2010 Mercedes-Benz C300
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  • Jonathan
    Jonathan5 years ago

    Knowledgeable and very experienced mechanics. No run around and straight to the point. If any work is to be done to your car, definitely Benz & Bmerz is the place. Head mechanic Hector has got extensive knowledge and will not mislead you like other mechanics will to make a buck. 100% satisfaction. Clean shop. Clean work. Only shop I trust.

    2001 Mercedes-Benz c240
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  • Frank Trujillo
    Frank Trujillo6 years ago

    Brought in my GL for a service C at Benz & Bmerz. Adriana gave me an upfront estimate of what I was going to pay. Hector explained what each of the services were. This is a very friendly shop. They know what they are doing and their rates are very competitive. I will definitely be bringing my GL back for the yearly services.

    2010 Mercedes-Benz GL450
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  • Tom Maestu
    Tom Maestu7 years ago

    Simply put - an honest shop run by a guy that takes pride in doing things right. No return visits due to misdiagnosed issues, no fidgety quotes or missed deadlines on returning a car....straight up, clean place, pros. He's even fixed a few minor things I didn't ask for and not charged me, as a courtesy. You won't do better than Benz & Bmerz.

    2001 Mercedes-Benz s430
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  • Roberto Loo
    Roberto Loo9 years ago

    Fue un placer haber conocido a Hector y su esposa.

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  • Oscar and Elizabeth
    Oscar and Elizabeth10 years ago

    you deserve success after success. We were probably one of the first customers back in October- November 2010, ever since we have place our entire trust on Hector and Adriana, both are true professionals, honest and courteous. They treat you with respect and fairness, their prices and service is top notch. Stop over paying for servicing your Benz or Bemmer. Come and see them, your only regret is not knowing they existed earlier!

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  • Tony
    Tony10 years ago

    I took my 95 Mercedes s500 to Hector the owner because a friend who is a bmw master tech recommenoutded him. The car would not go into any gear any longer when I took my car in. After they looked at it Hector said it needed to be rebuilt. He. Quoted me 1800 with a 12 month 12;000 mile warranty. I shopped around and found several places who only do tansmission rebuilds quoted me 1300. I jdidn't however want to pay for another .ktow truck since he already had the car and khe agreed to completely rebuild the trans for 1500. The car then took 6weeks for him to finish! Then I find out he didn't replace all the clutches when rebuilding it. I took it back to him because it wasn't driving right and he opened it back up and knowing I was on to him they did it right! I would say they know what they r doing but like most shops in dade and broward county they are not trust worthy!

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    Hector10 years ago

    Mr.Ammar Khalil AKA "Tony".

    Let me respond to your "review".First and foremost,like you mentioned I was recomended to you by a mutual friend.When you recomend someone,

    is because you know the person is a profesional & performs a job propperly.NO ONE recomends someone who would do an unsatisfactory job.

    Second,you brought the car around end of November mid December.I told you I would be out on vacation until January 6.

    After I quoted you $1,800 for a transmission rebuild,you asked if i could bring price down if you would pay cash by not paying tax.To what I replied that I don't mess with tax money & that I would try to help you repair transmission with the $1,500 budget that you wanted to pay for the repair.As per having the car & not wanting to pay another tow seems hard to believe because if like you claim you would saved $500 with other shop repairing your transmission.You would not have spent $100 in tow bill.Still

    $400 left for other repairs that you declined.

    Among other items that you wanted to fix was the central locking system.Your vehicle is equiped with orthopedic seats,closing assist & rear seat head rest.All vacuum actuated that needed to be checked for proper diagnosis.After I told you the price for central locking pump you declined & decided to look for on e-bay.Waiting for you to bring central lock pump that you purchased that ended up being defective.Then the leaking radiator that you also declined & purchased aftermarket that took you a week to obtain.

    Let me add that I specifically told you that the vehicle you had purchased for $4000 dollars was far from being in driving conditions & that some additional $4000 dollars would be needed to have that 95 S500 looking like

    a real S500.To what you responded that this vehicle for for your dad that he did not drive that much.

    And for sure repair shops in Dade no what there doing with customers who cant afford to maintain expensive vehicles but insist on driving one.

    This is a clear result of that.

    Thank you & have a great day!