European Motor Tech

45101 Trevor Avenue,
Lancaster, CA 93534 US
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German auto repair in Lancaster, CA and throughout the Antelope Valley.

5 Reviews

  • Gil
    Gil6 years ago

    Thumbs up for Alfred the mechanic/owner of European Motor Tech. He knows his stuff and is competent. We were looking around for another shop to take our late model Benz 420 SEL because the previous mechanics and shops in Antelope Valley that worked on the car could not fix its problems. Among its immediate issues, the car was leaking so much oil that the inside of the car was almost unbearable because of the oil smell, and it had a hard time starting. Based on good reviews from the Internet, we took the car to European Motor Tech. It took Alfred a week, but he fixed the majority of the problems and even was gracious enough to deliver the car to our home. He explained in detail what he had done and also pointed out shoddy workmanship from previous repairs. I would recommend Alfred to any Benz owner.

    1985 Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL
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  • Jerry James
    Jerry James8 years ago

    A big surprise awaited me when I took my 300CE-24 to Alfred. I was experiencing some electrical gremlin that Alfred seemed to have an understanding of. Upon explaining in clear, simple straightforward language, without smoke or mirrors, using concise terms - he set about to complete the necessary repair. He pointed out some upcoming needs - not urgent he said but "I should be aware" and so forth. Thoughtful, courteous and a spotless shop; I'll be back for sure. His prices are certainly fair and his honesty is appreciated. I recommend Alfred and his team; you'll not be disappointed.

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  • Barbara Lewis
    Barbara Lewis9 years ago

    Alfred was WONDERFUL to me! I was visiting from out of town when my ML500 died on me. The a/c compressor had blown, and I had the car towed to European Motor Tech at 6 in the evening, after they were officially closed. I called ahead and they waited for me. Knowing I was from out of town, Alfred had my car ready by noon the next day. His price was very fair. He showed me the old parts and explained in detail what had gone wrong. His cousin, Jesse, was even nice enough to give me a ride to my friend's house, lend me his phone charger for the night, and then pick me up the next day.

    In talking to Alfred, I could tell that he loves what he does, and is very good at it. If I lived in Lancaster, I would take my car to him all the time.

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  • David
    David10 years ago

    Best german autumotive shop located in the AV area. They are affordable, honest, commited to thier customers and work. I am very pleased and always look foward to sending my car in for service. They give awsome deals and work with your budget.

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  • Michael Clare
    Michael Clare11 years ago

    OUTSTANDING - In a word.

    I bought my 1991 560SEC AMG from another "Less-than-reputable" Mechanic shop here in the Antelope Valley and had been struggling with them for almost two years. That shop had snuck my car somehow through smog when I bought it because the Check Engine Light (CEL) was always on and never had gone out in the entire time I owned it.

    I was due for smog again and had just put in an entire new AMG exhaust and new CATS. The car failed with 20 times the pollutants! I knew my smog guy was honest because the year before I took my 560SEL to him and he said it passed first time and it was so easy he didn't even charge me the regular price. So this time out I told him of my dealings with that other shop and he knew them too and so he told me about Alfred and "European Motor Tech". So I drove over there right away.

    I told Alfred all about the other shop and he knew them too, and then I started taking him through my car's current problems. He said not to worry that he would get it through smog. As the week progressed, he uncovered more problems as to why my car was not running properly, some I never even knew I had like cross-threaded spark plug. In my daily inspection of the car he would show me all of the bad parts or problems with her. He had to take it for smog a couple of times and en route it would fail again! He stayed with it!

    Finally he found that my computer had a bad pin and was the culprit all along.

    Finally the car was done yesterday after a week (a reasonable time) he had me drive it. It felt like a COMPLETELY different car! SOO MUCH more power in her now. ALL of the problems that have been plaguing me and that other shop could not or would not fix are gone. The launches now and the kickdown works as it should. The car passed smog with nearly all 0's and that from a 20 year old car. He said it passed with number of a new car! And the power is up about 25-30% from previous dyno runs.,

    When I got the bill (about two grand) he was apologetic, but I told him not to worry that that is about what I had expected all along and was less that what the other shop wanted and I had bought the car from them!

    From now on Alfred is the only mechanic that will touch my cars! I HIGHLY recommend them! NOw I am going out for a nice Saturday drive


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