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German Auto Repair Service

**Family Owned & Operated

**Specializing in Mercedes Benz & BMW

**Professional, Courteous, Factory Trained

**Free Pick Up & Delivery

**Call Today, We Have New Specials Daily!

Finally! A State Of The Art European Car Specialist In The Northwest Valley!

3 Reviews

  • Jon Baker
    Jon Baker7 years ago

    I left a review after my last visit to Auto Xtreme which was not very warm and fuzzy. I was not happy at all. To his credit the owner of the facility, Dave, called me up to discuss the experience and what went wrong. It seems there was some miscommunication on what needed to be done and how everything was handled. He asked for another opportunity and after 10 months, I took him up on it. This experience was much different. I found everyone to be very knowlegeable and professional. I actually learned some pointers on the vehical.

    I almost regret leaving my last review as I might have let my anger get the best of me. But as the situation is: if I hadn't left the review, the owner would not have called me and I simply would not have ever gone back or recommended the company.

    I would recommend this company now to anyone needing service on a Mercedes.

    2001 Mercedes-Benz 320
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  • Jon Baker
    Jon Baker8 years ago

    By far the worst experience I have ever had dealing an automotive repair facility. I was initially told the problem was an All Activity Monitor which would cost $575. parts and labor. The next morning I was called and informed the car is still not working and it will be another $1,800. in addition to the $575. to fix the vehical. I told the manager to stop all work, I will pick up my vehical as is. When I got to the facility I found my bill was $775.because it took the 2 hours to diagnosis the first problem so $200 in addition to the $575 quote. I am not of any business that can give a quote to repair an item charge more than that and then tell you it will still cost 3 times that amount again to finish their repair. Bad Business . Stay Away.

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  • Pavlov's Renntech
    Pavlov's Renntech9 years ago

    The team that works for Auto Xtreme is far better put togeather than most of the techs at the dealership. You won't have to worry about dealing with the typical screw ups by new techs that don't know your car and it's history. Sticking with this team will insure you that the same exact quality of workmanship will be provided every time.

    Best regards,

    Chris Pavlov

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